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I was the kid in school that got along with everyone and would either encourage kids to stand up for themselves against bullies or I’d just stand up for them myself.

My mom is a hard worker from Dallas & the first to graduate from college in her family. My dad didn’t know English when he came to this country at the age of 13 with his mom, his little sister, and just the clothes on their backs. My parents separated when I was in elementary and they both worked a lot to make ends meet. I spent a considerable time with my friends and their families, and we became like family regardless of differences in our color, culture, or anything else.

As a teen growing up in the inner-city, I was going down the wrong track but thank God before I ended up another statistic in the cemetery or the penitentiary, I changed my life. Shortly after being kicked out of school in the 10th grade, I studied, got my GED and enrolled in college. I received invitations to prestigious clubs because of my good grades. I’ve worked from sweeping floors, to entertainment, to being a business owner, an educator in the class room, a youth advocate and an immigration volunteer, helping families both outside and inside our country.

Experiences from a child standing up for others, being part of an underserved community, growing up witnessing and experiencing first hand discrimination, oppression and successfully standing up to some of the government’s illegal application of policies and legislation, helping reunite immigrant children with their parents and seeing how our unjust immigration system works along with opening my eyes to the lack of leadership and corruption from officials in our communities and our country has primed me to be a Congressman for the many. I have also experienced the love, unity, and strength of people of different cultures and backgrounds working together for the common good and I know that is the key and the way to a brighter future, to justice and harmony.

#Our Strength is Our Unity      #En la Union Esta la Fuerza