Economy & Jobs

Decent Pay and More Opportunity

Sean Paul Segura thinks we should help our small business owners and mom and pop shops in our communities. We can give tax breaks to small business owners.

We can make SBA loans and training more accessible to regular Americans. Small Businesses employ about 1/2 of the private workforce. Jobs are important and Segura will provide employment information and training sessions so people in our community will be better prepared to get jobs and government contracts. Big businesses are going to continue to come to our neighborhoods and create jobs because there are lot of opportunities for them to make money here.

Sean Paul Segura asks that the big companies that are making huge profits from our community have the decency to pay a decent wage. Segura supports raising the minimum wage to 16hr. and tying it to inflation so it automatically increases.

In 1950 the Average CEO made 20 times what the average worker made. Today the average CEO makes 287 times what their average worker makes. At that rate the avg. worker will have to work full time for about 7 weeks to make the same amount the CEO makes in 1 hr.

If you think 287 times is not ridiculous here is a list of Companies that pay its CEO 1000 times up to almost 6000 times that of its avg. worker.


Is it immoral in America for successful big companies to pocket huge profits, with sales in the millions or billions of dollars while at the same time paying its workers at wages so low they struggle to pay even the basic necessities?

Is it immoral for our government to charge these same companies nothing in taxes while requiring the workers to pay taxes?

We need to change the tax law to uplift regular Americans and require big business to pay a fair share.

We should issue a list of shame and penalize the big companies with a Greed tax if they fail to pay their workers a more fair amount.