Better Education

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Sean Paul Segura has worked in public education and knows it takes a village to raise a child, a positive attitude is more important than good spelling skills, that’s why It is imperative that we begin to teach and reinforce positive attitudes and responsibility in our schools. We must teach our children to help others and believe in themselves, to judge others by the content of their character, inspire our children to be great, and have strong integrity, compassion, respect, along with basic life skills.

We can give children the tools to better deal with anger, disappointment, setbacks, depression, failures, and success. We need to teach children that they themselves have a choice and a responsibility to make their own decisions, and those decisions will affect their futures and impact others.

This will lead to healthier environments with less crime, less mass shootings, less fear, less hate and less frustration. By providing this guidance and teaching these skills we will  create a more productive and successful future for our children, our neighborhoods, our country and our world.