Our Earth is an awesome place made up of us and other interconnected living organisms. Most people agree we should take better care of our planet.

We need to develop a protocol to effectively and swiftly deploy assistance to protect wildlife from natural disasters like the fires in Australia that killed so many endemic animals like koalas.

Unlike my opponent I do not support sacrificing our water and biodiversity for big oil company profits. I support moving forward and supporting new technologies and products to replace our dependency on oil.

We do not have a enough consensus on how to best address all the big issues of global warming and our environment to pass sweeping legislation right now.
So, while we are developing consensus lets also focus on taking steps in the right direction now.

I believe we have the ability to pass laws that enable us to reduce the effects of pollution and contamination right now.

We can plant more trees, to lower the impact of harmful gasses and protect wildlife ecosystems.
We can agree to help clean the oceans, our lakes and other bodies of water.
We can focus more on the development of new products that are better for our planet and our ecosystems.

I will focus on, “pasos cortos vista larga” meaning taking little steps in the right direction while keeping the vision in mind.