Imigration Reform

For a Stronger Safer more Economically Prosperous America

With your vote for Sean Paul Segura you are fighting for real Immigration reform. I Sean Paul Segura will champion Immigration reform that lets good people legally enter our country and keeps criminals out. We will fight for DACA kids and give them the paper work they need to stay and continue to contribute to our economy and country.

I have seen our unreasonable immigration laws hurt not just our economy but friends, good people we care about, here, in our own neighborhoods and across our nation. They work and shop with us, they’re our neighbors, their kids play at school with our kids. They are good people but our unjust immigration laws keep them in the shadows. They can’t do simple things we take for granted, like get a drivers license, or go to their home country and surprise visit their mom on her birthday or attend a funeral for a loved one because there is no legal way for them to reenter the country.

We are the land of immigrants, everyone in the US comes from a family of immigrants, with the exception of Native Americans. We should not fear immigrants. In our recent modern history we have greatly restricted immigration and we are hurting our country and the immigrants. According to the CDC the USA birth rate is so LOW it has generally been below replacement levels since 1971. There are a large amount of baby boomers that will be retiring and no longer paying into the system. We need more immigrants to help support our economy and offset our low birth rate and increasing number of retirees.

I will work with both parties to champion much needed common sense Immigration legislation that keeps bad people out and allows hard working people to enter the country legally while also making them NOT eligible for social programs like welfare or section 8 etc.. This is Segura’s 5 step plan:

Sean Paul Segura's

5 Step Common Sense Immigration Legislation

  • Step 1 Sponsorship

      • Sponsor must be a U.S. Citizen
      • Sponsor vouches for applicant both morally and financially
      • Applicant / Greencard holder through this program is not elegible for US Govt. subsidies (Sec.8, Food Stamps, etc.)

  • Step 2 Application Fee

      • $200 per person fee

  • Step 3 Collect Biometrics

      • Finger Prints
      • Photograph
      • Background Check

Step 4 Legal Entry

      • Entry into National Database
      • Welcome Booklet
        • Key US Laws & Expectations
        • Common English Phrases
      • Green Card Valid for 10 Years

Step 5 Earned Possible Path to Citizenship

      • Those who desire may apply 5 years after legal entry
      • Must learn enough English and attain the knowledge to pass our Civics test
      • Must pledge allegiance to the United Stated of America to our fellow Americans and allegiance to our Constitution

Who are we becoming as a country, the land of immigrants?  We are mistreating immigrants and caging children? We must stop abusing, incarcerating and separating children from their parents. They have already been cleared as non criminals and are not a threat. We must stop keeping asylum seekers that are non criminals in cages in for profit prisons where too many are getting sick and dying at our border.

We have to stop locking up and basically kidnapping kids and families as punishment for legally applying for Asylum.
Mr. Segura has personally seen how we are jailing families and kids at the border, denying them basic rights and proper hygiene, unnecessarily separating them from their mothers and families, sending them to foster care 100’s or 1000’s of miles away from their loved ones, then making the families jump through many hoops and hurdles, costing many times thousands of dollars, and then waiting weeks or months before being able to get their own child back. Some of the innocent children are getting sick in our custody and dying, others are being mentally, physically and sexually abused while in US custody. This is stark contrast to true American values. It is up to us to help them.
George Washington said we should “welcome the persecuted from all nations and religions.”
He was right, When we welcome and give people that have had to flee everything they know to escape bad situations, persecution and death, an opportunity to be free, work, and live in peace they become the most appreciative and patriotic hard working people! That’s what it means to be the land of the free. We had to be brave and fight to be free and we fight so others can be free because that’s what real Americans do. We are the home of the brave, land of the free & United we stand.