Police Community Relations

Sean Paul Segura is not against the police, he is against police brutality. Sean Paul Segura  believes most police are good people and knows most people in our communities are good people.
Some police are doing a great job and should be commended, other law enforcement officers largely due to misconceptions and poor training have a Police vs Community mentality especially in our lower income communities they are supposed to serve. Those police harass and detain people who have not committed a crime and utilize overly aggressive techniques, escalation, the use of force, including deadly force as first options instead of as last resorts when interacting with the community.

Sean Paul Segrua as Congressman will work to ensure steps are taken to retrain and address over aggressive policing so officers will be better equipped to not only dominate situations but have control of situations and of themselves.

Being a police officer should be a respected position of honor.

Respect must be earned and to be earned we must ensure police focus on:

• Compassion Integrity and respect
• The value of life
• De-escalation tactics

• True serve & protect mentality

• Sincere humbleness and caring

• Keeping the end goal of community servitude,  safety of civilians, and    commitment to civilians in mind
• Understanding the police are there to serve and be a part of the community not against it

• Maintaining composure and only becoming aggressive and escalating when necessary

• Halting the tactic of “hunting ” or “fishing” by illegally pulling over and detaining innocent people

A wise man said people fail to get along because they fear each other: they fear each other because they do not know each other. Police community initiatives where officers in lower income areas get to know the people they are serving and become one with the community not against the community is imperative so we can start to heal the broken relationship. These things together will reduce fear hate, incompetency, and abuse of power. They will increase integrity and mutual respect resulting in a safer environment for all.

Atatiana Jefferson, who had a biology/pre-med degree and aspired to one day cure asthma, was caring for her 8-year-old nephew at home playing video games. A concerned neighbor called to ask for a wellness check to be made because the front door had been left open.  Fort Worth police officers showed up, never announced themselves or went to the front door, they instead went commando style to the back yard, shot and killed 28yr. Atatiana through her own window in front of her 8yr. nephew. The officer has been charged & is free pending trial.

Isiah Murrietta-Golding was a student suspected of being a passenger in a car that had an altercation with another car that sped away, lost control, wrecked and someone died. They next day police pulled over Isiah and his 17yr. brother, ordered them out of the car  Isiah got scared and ran from police, he jumped a fence and was running away when he was shot in the back of the head and killed by an officer. An additional Officer can be heard on video commending the murder, “Good shot”-he said. Isiah was not a threat to the officer, he was unarmed and running away, he was just 16yrs. old. No justice, the officer was not charged with a crime and his department deemed the murder was justified.

Botham Jean, an immigrant from St. Luica, a Harding University graduate, devote, strong 26yr. Christian, lead the Dallas West Church of Christ in worship just days before the murder singing “Let the Spirt of The Lord Rise Upon Us”. A Dallas officer went into what she thought was her apt. but was in fact Botham’s apartment, he was eating ice cream on his couch. The officer feared for her life and shot him, he was unarmed. She did not render first-aid to him after realizing she shot an innocent man in his own home. Officer was sentenced to 10 yrs. for murder. She is the first officer to actually be convicted of murder in Dallas since the murder of 12yr. Santos Rodriguez where an officer was sentenced to 5 yrs. for murder.